Tom and Fan

Boring Stuff

Because we post content online, we must be careful to maintain people's privacy and respect the ownership of trademarks and other copyrighted content.

Comic Con and other Public Apperances

When we're out and about interacting with you guys and the public, we're careful to only include those who want to be apart of our videos. As part of MCM Comic Con's rules, by attending the convention you give the right to be photographed and filmed. Also, please bare in mind when coming to talk to us, we're likely to be recording so you may end up in one of videos, or one of social network accounts.

Third Party Assets

Our machinima's wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the great games we make them in. Halo for Last Hope and Minecraft for Brindonfall we respect the rights on the game publishers, in both of these games cases Microsoft. We follow the rules provided by their 'Game Content Usage Rules' and have permission to monatize our content thanks to Maker Studios. We don't sell our content and all our content is available without paywalls. Also we don't promote our content as being official, as it's not!

If you have a particular issue with anything of ours, please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page